Thursday, June 14, 2012

There are only !!! days until Christmas

Is it JUNE already?
As a toy maker, Christmas is always in the background.  I am either recovering from it or preparing for it!
Check out this website to see how many days are left : HOHOHO  . Those are days until the actual date.  For me, I think of Christmas starting around October 15th (yes, BEFORE Halloween, a holiday I have come to detest, more on that in October).  Mid October is the time of year that I see activity picking up  in my etsy shop 

A recent storm reminded me of a  snowy day.  We had a yard full of ice (hail) for about half an hour and the air got decidedly chilly. 
Thank goodness we have at least 4 good months of sunshine before things get dark and cold again. The weather has been crazy this year.

The chickens were not amused with the recent weather....They hid under the hedge, but looked pretty bedraggled when it was all over. All 6 of them are laying now and we have an abundance of eggs here!

I plan to take time to lounge at a lake this summer. I spent the winter restocking my shop so that I could garden and do things besides sewing while the weather is good. I will  put on my elf hat and really start working in September.  Hope you all have a great vacation planned!

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